How To Get Water Out Of Iphone Speaker App

How To Get Water Out Of Iphone Speaker App

How To Get Water Out Of Iphone Speaker App. On ios 15 and later, tap add shortcut. If your phone is still muffled after the 165 hz method, sonic has another way to get water out of your speakers.

How To Get Water Out Of Iphone Speaker AppHow To Get Water Out Of Iphone Speaker App
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Open the settings app. Tap on the three dots on the water eject shortcut. After a short while, hit the ‘stop’ button.

1) Tap This Icloud Link On Your Iphone To Download The Water Eject Shortcut.

Leave your iphone speakers facing down in a dry area with good airflow. Swipe up to increase the frequency, and swipe down to decrease it. You can position a fan to blow cool air into the speakers.

Now Tap The ‘Play’ Button And You’ll See Water Being Kicked Out Of The Speaker Grills.

Open the settings app. Gently tap your iphone against your hand, lightning connector facing down, to encourage water to drain out. Launch the sonic app and put your iphone on a flat surface.

Apple Recommends Its Own Way Of Fixing Your Wet Iphone If You Drop It Into Water Or Some Other Liquid.

Use a dry cotton cloth or absorbent material to wipe the water moisture around the exterior of the phone speaker. Once downloaded, open the app once and then close it. How to get water out of iphone speaker app.

You Will Hear A Series Of Sounds While The Shortcut Is Running, And The Water Should Start Spraying Out Of Your Speaker.

Go to shortcuts . Sound to remove water from iphone speaker, this water eject sound will eject water from your iphone and remove complete water from your mobile speakers.this. The purpose is to get those last few droplets of water out of the speakers by vibrating them out at low or high frequencies.

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Here’s How To Use The Water Eject Shortcut To Get Water Out Of Your Iphone:

Here, tap on the “water eject” shortcut. Press “stop” when you are done as your phone audio should have been perfected after the process. Download an app shortcut from the app store, if you haven't already.


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